What Does the Color of Your Mitsubishi Say about You?

Finally! You’ve found your perfect car at Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi Uniontown! But now your left with the hardest decision..”what color do I choose?!” From the Kiwi Green and Plasma Purple Mitsubishi Mirage, to the Rally Red Mitsubishi Outlander, the color options are endless! But what does the color of your vehicle say about you? We’re breaking down what each color represents!

colorful cars!!1 - Copy

Red: Dynamic, outgoing, and high energy

New 2014 Mitsubishi-Outlander-Sport Rally Red Pittsburgh, New Mitsubishi Outlander Uniontown - Copy

Orange: Fun-loving, talkative, fickle, and trendy

Mitsubishi Lancer Orange

Yellow: Sunny disposition, joyful, and young-at-heart

Mitsubishi Evo Pittsuburgh Yellow

Green: Traditional, trustworthy, and well balanced

New Mitusbishi Mirage Kiwi Green Pittsburgh - Copy

Blue: Confident and dependable

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Blue Pittsuburgh - Copy

Purple: Creative, individualistic, and original

2014 Mitsubishi Mirage Plasma Purple Pittsuburgh - Copy

White: Direct, organized, and clean

2014 Mitsubishi EVO White Pittsburgh - Copy

Silver: Futuristic and elegant.


Black: classic, elegant, and powerful


Does your car “color” your personality? Let us know!


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