History of CVT

Leonardo DaVinci sketched the first CVT in 1490


First patent for the CVT Transmission was made by Daimler & Benz in 1886.



in 1910 Zenit motorcycles built a V2 motorbike that was so successful in hill climb events that it was banned from the events to give other motorcyclists a chance at competing.



In the late 1980’s Subaru launched a car called Justy in Tokyo with a continuously variable transmission which was electronically controlled which was made by Fuji heavy industries which owned Subaru back then. The justy was the first production car in USA to offer the CVT Transmission.



In Early 1990’s Nissan introduced CVT to their Nissan March which had the same principles as the Subaru Justy CVT Transmission. Nissan designed it’s on CVT Transmission which was designed to handle more torque and also had a torque converter.





Synthetic Oil in Your Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi’s come in many sizes and shape.  From big to small all of the impressive Mitsubishi lineup use synthetic oil.  So this leads to the question what is Synthetic Oil?


Synthetic oil is a lubricant consisting of chemical compounds that are artificially made.  Synthetic oil is not only refined but also distilled, purified and broken down into its basic molecules. This process not only removes more impurities from the crude oil but also enables individual molecules in the oil to be tailored to the demands of modern engines. These customized molecules provide higher levels of protection and performance than conventional oils. But the synthetic base oil is only half the story. The correct blend additives must go into the mix to create the oil.


The advantages of using synthetic motor oils include:

Better low- and high-temperature performance at service temperature extremes


Resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and oil sludge problems

Extended drain intervals, with the environmental benefit of less used oil waste generated

Improved fuel economy in certain engine configurations

Better lubrication during extreme cold weather starts

Better chemical and shear stability

Decreased evaporative loss

Possibly a longer engine life

Increased horsepower and torque due to less initial drag on engine

Improved fuel efficiency – from 1.8% to up to 5% has been documented in fleet tests

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For automotive use, the oil change interval for synthetic oils is the same as for conventional oil, typically 7,000 miles following the manufacturer’s “severe service” schedule . Oil needs to be changed because it gets contaminated with combustion by-products that accumulate at about the same rate regardless of oil type. Extending the oil change interval with synthetics is likely to contribute to engine damage and is not recommended.

Dear John, Love Mitsi: A Story about a 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

Check out this great video about 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.



Jim Shorkey mitsubishi

Mitsubishi motor company gained a solid reputation for creating quality electrical vehicles, but Mitsubishi Outlander model didn’t make it to the US.  For some reason when the Mitsubishi Outlander plug in hybrid was shipped to Europe the company thought it would be beneficial not to introduce it to Americans yet.  The hybrid Outlander got pushed back so far that the make underwent an extensive mid cycle refresh and that will bump the hybrid version again.  We here at Jim Shorkey debate when this version will see the light of day.  According to Alex Fedorak of Mitsubishi public relations, the Outlander Plug in will arrive here in late summer as a 2017 model.  This means the plug in hybrid model will be able to take advantage of updates made to the rest of the range for the 2016 model year, including noise insulation, an updated interior, and revised styling.

Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi

No major changes are expected for the powertrain, which includes a 2.0 liter gasoline four cylinder engine and two electric motors.  One motor works with the internal combustion engine to drive the front wheels, while the other drives the rear wheels, creating a through the road all wheel drive system.  The 12 killowatt hour lithium ion battery pack currently provides enough capacity for 32.5 miles of electric range at least as measured on the optimistic Euro test Cycle.  Mitsubishi has also hint that it will make some tweaks to the powertrain’s control system to improve performance and increase range.

5 Iconic Cars from Book Fiction

I know what your thinking, with being a gear head you might not want to read book.  You would rather go outside and drive.  Well i’m here to tell you that if you love cars you love all cars real or not.  Today we will discuss some of the coolest cars to ever hit the printing press and even got designed in movies after it was all said and done.

  1. Great Gatsby- Gasby was a character know for his class and taste.  It should come to no surprise that when writing the novel, F. Scott  Fitzgerald featured a 1926 Rolls Royce Tourer.  This car is so important to the story and almost gives the car to life.Gatsby_1925_jacket
  2.  From A Buick 8-  If you like scary stories you need to check out Stephen Kings’ thriller about a mysterious 1953 Buick that has a very back story.200px-Buick8
  3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang- I like to consider Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the car version of Mary Poppins.  This car can fly, taking the family of the car to brand new adventures including crime fighting.  The inspiration for the car comes from the 1920’s race cars.CCBBMain
  4. Christine- Stephen King loves cars.  He has had two books that revolve around the darkness of the automobile.  What’s interesting about Christine is its a living thing that wants to do harm.  Christine a 1958 Plymouth Fury can fix itself to which we really respect.StephenKing-Christine
  5. James Bond Novels-  What does every spy need? A cool car of course. When your trying to solve the crime of a life time a fast and speedy car is needed.  In almost every James Bond novel there is a high speed pursuit.  That’s why the investment in an Aston Martin DB Mark III is a good buy.casino

Cool Car Facts Around the World

Jim Shorkey, Uniontown
  1. South African residents can legally attach small flamethrowers to the side of their cars to provide defense against carjackers.                                                                                     Charl Fourie, cooperating with the South African police, demonstrates an anti-hijacking "Blaster" flame-thrower in Johannesburg in this December 11, 1998 file photo
  2. In Sweden, your car headlights have to be on at all times when driving, even in broad daylight                                                                                                                                                        Jim Shorkey, Headlights, Norway, Uniontown
  3. The US gas guzzler tax that was designed to discourage fuel-inefficient vehicles only applies to cars, but not SUVs, trucks, and vans, since they were rarely used as passenger cars when the law was passed in 1978. The law has since not been updated to reflect modern times.
  4. In 1941, more than three million cars were manufactured in the United States. Only 139 more were manufactured during World War 2
  5. The first car to use a rear-view mirror was driven by inaugural Indy 500 winner Ray Harroun in 1911 to see the cars catching up behind him.                                                            Jim Shorkey, Uniontown, Fun Car Facts,
  6. Residents of Churchill, Canada leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape for pedestrians who might encounter polar bears on Main Street.
  7. The Soviet Union allowed theaters to play The Grapes of Wrath because of its depiction of the plight of the poor under capitalism, but it was later withdrawn because Russian audiences were amazed that even the poorest Americans could afford a car.                                                                                                                                               Jim Shorkey, Uniontown
  8. Rodgers’ car was once stolen. The thief returned it back to him after he realized whose car it was.                                                                                                                                      Jim Shorkey, Uniontown
  9. When Oprah gave the audience cars back in 2004, they were not really free. They had to pay about $6,000 in federal and income taxes. Some people paid the taxes by taking out car loans; others traded their new Pontiacs for cheaper, less souped-up cars.                                                                                                                                                              Oprah, Jim Shorkey, Uniontown
  10. Norway has very strict rules on advertising cars as “green,” saying “cars can do nothing good for the environment except less damage than others.”

7 Cars that look like Food.

Jim shorkey, Banana, Mitsubishi

Cars come in many shape and sizes.  We here at Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi want to show you some of the coolest cars that are inspired by food. Enjoy and hope it makes you hungry.

Jim shorkey, Banana, Mitsubishi

Jim Shorkey, Orange, Mitsubishi, Uniotown

Lobster Car, Jim Shorkey, Mitusbishi, Uniontown


Jim Shorkey Uniontown, Hotdog
Jim Shorkey, uniontown

Jim Shorkey, Uniontown

Mitsubishi: Less Is More

At Jim Shorkey Uniontown Mitsubishi,

We talk a lot about cars. And one of our most popular topics is how Mitsubishi has reduced the number of vehicles they manufacture. Mitsubishi use to boost cars like the Galant, Eclipse and Evo. But as times changed, so did the Mitsubishi lineup, which resulted in discontinuing those models.  At one time Mitsubishi had over 10 designs on the showroom floor. This caused Mitsubishi great strain and a reformation was needed.  Now most Mitsubishi showrooms sell four designs: The Outlander, Outlander Sport, Lancer and Mirage, and we couldn’t be happier! Sales are up and customers love the vehicles we sell. Here are 3 reasons why having only 4 designs is good for customers.

Trim, Less is more, Jim Shorkey, Lancer, 2016, Uniontown

Variety still exist with trims

Many in the auto industry thought Mitsubishi’s decision to discontinue one of their most popular models was going to be the downfall of their brand. Many in the industry also believed that an auto manufacturer had to have cars in all market segments, and getting rid of cars reduced options for the consumer. But Mitsubishi proved that the industry was wrong. Mitsubishi decided to devote its time in market segments that were attractive to the consumer like the cross over segment (Outlander Sport) and give an expansive variety of trims, accessories and upgrades.  With an Outlander Sport for example, you can get a 2.0 engine or a 2.4, an all wheel drive or front wheel.  You can add a hitch or sun guards. So you can make the vehicle your own. This formula saved Mitsubishi in the US.

2016 Lancer, Mitsubishi, Uniontown, Pittsburgh

Less cost to the consumer

With all the Mitsubishi car designs, it came a higher cost on shipping and receiving cars.  The economics were hard to predict.  The supply was not as high because they needed to produce a large variety.  This drove demand, and the prices also became increasingly more to the consumers and the dealerships.  This also caused a problem when it came to locating the right Mitsubishi for you.  Some dealerships had sold more Evos while another would sell more Galants.  This would result in a dealership trying to find the desired car from another dealership which would add more to the final price of the car.  Mitsubishi has learned this mistake and ordering became easier.

Jim Shorkey, Uniontown, Trims, variety, Outlander

Sales members can devote more time on the vehicle

With working primarily with four vehicle designs, sales consultants have more time to learn each vehicle thoroughly.  A better understanding of the vehicle is easier when you don’t have 12 car designs on a brand.  This improves the consumers buying experience.  Whenever a consumer is looking for a car they deserve a sales consultant that understands what makes that car truly special.  They should know what add ons can be available, how much the can handle and any finance specials (you can save $500 if you own a Mitsubishi, Suzuki or Saturn).

Outlander, Jim Shorkey,, 2016, Experienced staff, Uniontown, Jim Shorkey

Buying a car is an amazing experience, but you can get so many more add ons to give your car a new look, ride or experience.  Today at Jim Shorkey, we will show you our top 5 accessories for the brand new 2016 Outlander.

Air Dam, Front

Air Dam, Pittsburgh, Jim Shorkey, add ons

Add an aggressive look to your Outlander’s front end with this gray front air dam.

Mud Guards, Rear Pair

Rear protectors, Jim Shorkey, Extra, Mitsubsihi,

Keep all manner of road debris from caking up the sides of your Outlander. These mud guards deflect rocks, road tar, mud and other items you might have a chance encounter with on the road.

Trailer Hitch

Trailer Hitch, Jim Shorkey, Mitsubishi, Pittsburgh

Time to tow a trailer or hook up a bike carrier to take all your stuff along? Then it’s time to add this secure, factory engineered tow hitch.

Rear Bumper Step Protector Plate

Jim Shorkey, Accessories, Add ons, Uniotown, Mitsubishi

This polished steel plate adds a rugged look to your Outlander while protecting your rear bumper from minor scuffs and scrapes.

Hood Protector

Jim Shorkey, Accessories, Uniontown

Help deflect flying stones and other road debris from hitting your hood. To complete the look, add matching side wind deflectors.


What’s Cooler than Being Cool? Ice Cold! : The Story of a Lancer

Living near the mountains, we understand what the harsh elements can do to a vehicle. So, when we heard a story about a Mitsubishi Lancer that fought the winter elements, we couldn’t help but share. At Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi Uniontown we have seen a lot of cold cars, but this might be the most interesting.

Jim Shorkey, Lancer, Buffalo, Ice season

This Monday a car went viral on the internet.  It didn’t have a new paint job or a new design from the manufacture, but a car that was in the wrong place at the wrong time (or right depending on how you look at it).  Mother Nature made the Lancer into a carsicle.  Justin Yelen, the owner of the Lancer was shocked by the frozen layer on the car.  He left the Lancer parked next to Lake Erie near Buffalo on Sunday night and came back to see a thick sheet of ice appearing.

How did it happen?

Freezing temperatures, high winds up to 47 miles per hour, and water from the lake combined to turn the sedan into an ice sculpture. More ice appeared on one side than the other, largely due to the direction of the wind. Either way, an ice scraper didn’t do him any good. The ground surrounding the car also appeared frozen solid.

Jim Shorkey, Uniontown, Mitsubshi, Frozen car

Reason for leaving his car.

Yelen, 24, told local reporters that he left the car because he had a few drinks with friends and didn’t want to drive home.  “I hope summer comes soon,” he said, adding that there’s probably damage to the car.  Yelan had to wait 3 days for a towing company to get the car out of the harsh elements.  A Towing crew was put to work. 350 pounds of calcium chloride and 20 minutes later, the car was freed and then towed to a nearby body shop where it will undergo any necessary repairs.